This book arrived in a stroke of perfect Divine timing. At our priest retreat this past year, a retreat master had described Mary as having an "uncluttered heart." I have been desiring less clutter in my life. I had come to realize that the clutter in my home and the clutter in my heart were related. This led me to pray for the gift of an uncluttered heart. I had also intended to renew a consecration to Mary on December 8. Initially I had planned to use Fr. Michael Gaitley's excellent resource 33 Days to Morning Glory.

But then this book came into my hands. Fr. Looney reflects on the heart of Mary as seen through scripture, tradition, and apparition stories. He sprinkles in a generous dose of his own experiences as a young priest. The style in simple, personal, and very accessible. I would even say it's "uncluttered." And it fit perfectly for what I was looking for. I used this book to renew my consecration.

Interestingly, Fr. Looney had a similar experience. He writes that he did not intend to write a book of Marian consecration but that is what ended up happening. And I ended up giving the book as a Christmas gift to all our parish staff and volunteers. I've gotten much positive feedback from grateful recipients. The book is small and humble, but full of little treasures. Perhaps in that way it reflects the heart of Mary.

A Heart Like Mary's by Fr. Edward Looney

Full disclosure: I was provided a promotional copy by the author. I was under no obligation to provide a review and received no compensation other than the free book. The thoughts in this article are my own.