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Oriens 2020: A Pilgrimage Through Advent and Christmas

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While the world rushes, you’ll slow down. While others are distracted, you’ll find focus. When everything seems dark, you’ll see light.

Welcome to Oriens, a totally new kind of Advent meditation book. Other books provide you with prepared mediations; this book will teach you how to meditate for yourself.

Drawing on years of experience as a priest and spiritual director, Fr. Joel Sember opens the Bible to you in a whole new way. If you've never prayed with Scripture before, Oriens will teach you how. If you already know how to pray, you'll learn to pray better. Make a life-changing pilgrimage, beginning this Advent.

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Light Up Your World

Oriens: a Latin word meaning “rising” and “dawn.” Advent is all about light conquering the darkness. Father Joel's guidance will illuminate the passages of Scripture. He will help you see the Christmas story with fresh eyes. You will kneel by the manger and marvel at the Word made flesh. Stand with lighted candle to receive the Christ Child as he is presented in the Temple. Watch the light of Christ conquer the darkness of your mind!

One Step at at Time

Every day, you’ll take a step closer to “the dawn from on high.” Father Joel Sember is your guide on an entirely new pilgrimage, one in which you will learn what God is revealing to you, uniquely, through Scripture and prayer. In Oriens: A Pilgrimage Through Advent and Christmas, you’ll learn how to pray, or to pray more deeply. Each day you’ll read a Scripture passage, receive Father Joel’s guidance on how to pray with that passage, and find questions for reflection and journaling.

Advent. And So Much More

Have you found yourself reaching Christmas only to wonder how you missed Advent? Other Advent books stop at Christmas, New Years, or the Baptism of the Lord. You get caught up in the season and miss your chance to pray more. Your Oriens journey begins on the first Sunday of Advent and continues until the Feast of the Presentation on February 2. That's over nine weeks of prayer! If other Advent reflection books have left you wanting more, this is the Advent book you've been waiting for!

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