Bandana Color: Purple and Yellow Departure: Holy Trinity Parish Church, Oconto, WI Arrival: Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Champion, WI Total Distance: 55 miles (88.6 km) Total Time: 5 days (Monday-Friday)


Monday: Sue Beschta, Sue and Megan Hoffman, Sue Malingowski

All WeekPilgrimage2016-prayer

  1. Fr. Joel Sember
  2. Fr. Tom Reynebeau
  3. Deacon Michael Thiel
  4. Mike Nelessen
  5. John Patz
  6. Colleen Bain
  7. Barb DePouw
  8. Patty Gabrielson
  9. Joanne Gregorius
  10. Loretta Hill
  11. Stephanie Kurek
  12. Mary Salscheider
  13. Catherine Steffens
  14. Sue Thomas
Monday & Friday: Amy Dessart, Paula Gardipee, Karen Knoerzer, Lois Weyers

This year was the Year of Mercy. Each day we reflected on a different Work of Mercy as we meditated on the daily readings from Mass. By the grace of God we dodged rainstorms on Monday. We had beautiful weather all week and finished before a hot weekend. A special thanks to Catherine for all her work to organize the pilgrimage. It was great to see so many friends and supporters at our Mass on Thanksgiving when we arrived at the shrine. Thank you to those who volunteered to be on call for pilgrim needs (we didn't need you again, thanks be to God). Thank you to those who opened your homes for us and provided us with bathrooms, delicious meals, and generous hospitality. May God reward you. ~ Fr. Joel


Thanks for the experience of the pilgrimage. It was a buen Camino!!! I expected to 'practice' for the real thing in Spain but the Oconto El Camino is the real thing! It was a very spiritual experience for me. The walk, conversation, prayer and unexpected experiences along the way were all very profound.

This was my 6th pilgrimage and every year it brings me into a deeper love for Jesus. My fellow pilgrims are all a part of me getting to where I need to be. He works through others to draw us closer. We are flowers in bloom. The flower never dies if you feed it with love. The love for Jesus and his people. ❤️✝

I started a journal with my husband about where we see God each day. Some days it's a challenge. Other days it's easy. It was very easy to see God in each pilgrim on the journey. Thanks for sharing your faith and friendship with me. God is on the Move.

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