"What kind of man would you like to be?" I was at a conference once and the presenter asked us all that question. My mind began to focus on someone tough, powerful, and impossible to hurt -- basically, Superman. Then we were asked, "What kind of man do you admire?" My thoughts shifted to a man who has been on the walking pilgrimage with me. He is tough and dependable, but he is also thoughtful, kind, patient, and understanding. He doesn't compare himself to others, and he never makes others feel inadequate. He is there for you.

I hope all of us know a man like that. True manhood is not about being powerful or invincible. True manhood is using the power you have to serve and protect others. A good man is defined by his self-sacrifice. This is why a the perfection of manhood is found in fatherhood. A father is a man who uses his strength and gifts in the service of those who are weaker than himself. A man will only truly be a man when he learns to lay down his life for others. Pray for all men today that they might follow the example of St. Joseph.

Prayer to St. Joseph

Good St. Joseph,
as you led the Holy Family, watch over our families.
Help our family and all families to know and share God’s love.
In our family relationships, may we find healing and seek to be holy.

May our fathers help us to become faithful disciples of Jesus
who share our love for Him.
As a foster father of Jesus,
watch over all who serve as spiritual fathers.
In a special way, bless our Holy Father, our Bishop, and our priests.
May they follow your humble example in their fatherly care
for the people of God, the Church.

With Mary, you raised Jesus the High Priest.
You know our need for priests.
Please raise up good and holy priests from our families
to serve the people of our diocese.
May our children and grandchildren hear and say “yes” to the call of Jesus, just as you and Mary did.

Good St. Joseph, pray for us.