Did you know that St. Joseph was a patron of fundraising? I didn't either. In December of 2016, I met with Bishop Ricken to review plans for a new church. The plans gave us a very nice building at a very reasonable cost. But I was afraid we wouldn't be able to raise the money. The parish community had tried to build once before and had not raised enough money. I asked Bishop for advice. "Go to Joseph," he said. He then told me a story from his time as Bishop of Cheyenne, Wyoming. He had prayed for vocations and God had answered by sending him more seminarians than the Diocese could pay for. By chance he was making a retreat at the Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal. He entrusted his need to the hands of St. Joseph. On the way home, he felt inspired to ask his people for help. He put out a fundraising appeal and the people gave generously; so generously in fact that he had enough for not just one, but two years of seminary tuition.

The Oratory itself, a legacy of Brother Andre, was also a miracle of fundraising. I would most certainly have made a pilgrimage to Canada if that's what was required of me. As it turns out, the National Shrine of St. Joseph, is conveniently located in De Pere, Wisconsin. I stopped and prayed at the shrine, lit a few candles, and added my fundraising needs to the prayer book. From that point on, things went very smoothly. Parishioners stepped up and pitched in to hold wonderful fundraising events. People gave what they could and we were able to hit the upper limit of our fundraising goal and move forward with construction.

During these uncertain times, business are closed and many are temporarily out of work. Go to Joseph! Quite literally visit the shrine if you are able (and it hasn't been closed). Bishop has designated it a pilgrimage destination for the Year of St. Joseph and given a partial indulgence for a visit to the shrine. Entrust your business and your home finances to the intercession of St. Joseph. Do not be afraid for your financial well-being. "Go to Joseph" and he will help you.

Prayer to St. Joseph

Good St. Joseph,
as you led the Holy Family, watch over our families.
Help our family and all families to know and share God’s love.
In our family relationships, may we find healing and seek to be holy.

May our fathers help us to become faithful disciples of Jesus
who share our love for Him.
As a foster father of Jesus,
watch over all who serve as spiritual fathers.
In a special way, bless our Holy Father, our Bishop, and our priests.
May they follow your humble example in their fatherly care
for the people of God, the Church.

With Mary, you raised Jesus the High Priest.
You know our need for priests.
Please raise up good and holy priests from our families
to serve the people of our diocese.
May our children and grandchildren hear and say “yes” to the call of Jesus, just as you and Mary did.

Good St. Joseph, pray for us.