I keep track of stats on my podcast and website. Usually I get up to 100 daily visitors on a good day, and much fewer on a slow day. Downloads vary but rarely exceed 400 any given week. Except for November 21-22, where we experienced significant jumps in both. Take a look at these charts to see what I mean.

Fig 1 - A Spike in Website Visitors on November 21
Fig 2 - A Huge Jump in Downloads on November 22

I would like to say that one article or episode was responsible for the surge. But if you notice in Fig 1, the most recent article A Power Source Greater than the Sun was viewed only 71 times -- less than a quarter of the total visitors. I might like to think that one episode was particularly popular in Fig 2. But the truth is that 620 different episodes were downloaded that day, and no episode was downloaded more than 3 times. I have no idea what caused it but it sure looks like a power surge.