It's so shiny and new! You may have noticed the visual refresh at I decided to move the website to a new hosting service and I took the opportunity to try a new look. Its been quite a number of years since we changed the look of the website. This new template is responsive, meaning it adjusts itself to different size screens. It should look at home on big desktops and tiny phones and everything in between. You can resize your browser window and watch the site adjust itself. Hopefully the new service will also be faster and more reliable. In the process I got lots of new ideas for site improvements. What do you think: Like it? Hate it? Have a suggestion? Please comment. I read all the feedback I get and I appreciate it more than you know. Thanks for visiting; come back soon.


Sept 5 I finally did it -- I created an email address to go with the blog: frjoel (at) brother priests (dot) com one word, no spaces or ( or _

Sept 6 I created a new page to help Find a Post. It allows you to filter a search by Category or Tag, browse posts attached to specific Categories or Tags, and also browse an archive of every post since the beginning of the blog. I hope it makes finding old posts more fun and enjoyable.

Sept 7 Added a PayPal Donate button to the sidebar and the footer of the website. I'm getting great deals on website and podcast hosting, but it still adds up to $120/year. I could also use a little cash to buy a premium theme and improve the look of the site. Thanks for your support. Supporters will be listed on the About page.

Sept 8 My followers are back! I was able to get my old subscribers transferred to the new site, so there's no need to subscribe again. If you've never subscribed, enter your name in the little box on the sidebar and you'll get informed any time I post. Thanks!

Sept 9 New header image that fills the page width. Thank you to Lori Scanlan for the photo of sheep in a field in Ireland.

Sep 11 Added Facebook, Twitter and Email links to the topbar.

Oct 4 I received my first donation, $100 from John L! I made some changes to the About page so that it now includes donors. The donation makes me feel good about the work I put into the blog, that it adds value to peoples' lives. I want to spend this first donation on something special...