What do get when you pack 111 adults and young people into busses and drive them to Eastern Ohio for worship, service, and roller coasters?

  • Open Hearts
  • The Holy Spirit
  • A new family of brothers and sisters
  • Joy. Hope. Peace. Love. Healing. Smiles.
  • A broken ankle
  • Broken stereotypes & prejudices
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Sweet t-shirts
  • 1844
  • Jesus. Lots of Jesus.
  • Hope for the future of the Church
  • Did I mention the Holy Spirit?

It was a truly amazing trip. I had never visited the campus of Franciscan University where the Steubenville conferences started 40 years ago. After our stop at Notre Dame, Steubenville felt humble, homey, and hilly. The teens were incredibly well behaved and inspiring. They were so respectful of one another and we became a wonderful community. I probably heard upwards of a hundred confessions. The talks were great and the music was awesome; check out Callie's Spotify playlist. And take a peek at the conference through this sweet video. It was like real life, only so much better.